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Santa Monica Siargao Island

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Santa Monica (formerly Sapao, for the abundance of fish to be caught) is the part of Siargao most remote from commerce. It is on the northern tip of Siargao Island, standing guard over the entrance to the Surigao Strait, and features long stretches of white sand beaches where almost nobody goes, except to launch a boat or gather some of Mother Nature's delicacies.

Like much of Siargao's East coast, the north also has a barrier reef to protect it from all but the mightiest of the Pacific Ocean swells. There are good beach resorts to be found in the vicinity of Santa Monica that are especially attractive to those who wish to imbibe the ocean breezes, away from the majority of humanity.

Being somewhat remote means that organized water sports activities are limited. But if you enjoy to swim in warm waters without pounding waves or, to explore the corals at your leisure, then Santa Monica is a great place to be.

There are also shipwrecks here at the entrance to the Surigao Strait from both modern and ancient times, with possibly more to be discovered. Santa Monica, being – one of the two main entry points to the Philippine archipelago from the Americas and from Polynesia - has witnessed many a passing storm that has placed ships at risk. Offshore, outside the protective reef, there are strong tidal flows and, before the age of steam and the internal combustion engine, numerous ships came to grief here off Santa Monica.

The modern concrete road makes the 45 kilometer drive from Dapa to Santa Monica easy. Like many locations around Siargao Island, Santa Monica features surf breaks but, unlike the famous Cloud 9 at General Luna, Santa Monica has breaks that cater for all levels of surfing experience . . . and they never get crowded.

Santa Monica is also where the Taktak waterfalls are found. The Taktak falls offer a refreshing dip during the rainy season although deforestation, in the lands the feed the headwaters to the falls, has reduced its flow during the drier months.

If you are into pirate legends then Santa Monica has its own. Probably nothing like jack Sparrow, legend has it that pirate Danjug hid his ill-gotten treasures in Danjug Cave, Santa Monica. Certainly this location would have favored a pirate who needed a remote but protected location with a commanding view of the Surigao Strait from where to initiate his pillage.

Driving to Santa Monica will bring you close to a lifestyle that all of Siargao once enjoyed: tranquil, unhurried and devoid of crowds.

Where To Stay In Siargao

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Siargao Island is blessed with some of the most attractive boutique resorts in the whole of the Philippines. From secluded villas on the beach to full-service resorts with all the amenities you may wish for in an island paradise. Siargao offers it all, and at a price that will probably surprise you.

Most of the best resorts are found along the East coast, facing the Pacific Ocean, and most of those are in the municipality of General Luna - close to the internationally acclaimed surfing spot known as Cloud 9. But, if you are looking for tranquility combined with spectacular ocean views, do not overlook Pacifico, Burgos and Santa Monica, farther North.

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Things To Do In Siargao

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There are so many things to do in Siargao Island and most of them give you an experience unlike anywhere else.

One of the attractions of Siargao Island is the many foreign influences resulting from its exciting surfing and sport fishing opportunities. This has resulted in Siargao's fine selection of culinary experiences, many prepared by foreign chefs. For the best selection drive from the center of General Luna to Cloud 9 and along the way you may feast on seafoods, fruits and vegetables prepared in a hundred different ways.

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