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Port Pilar Siargao Island

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Port Pilar is immediately North of General Luna but a long drive if you plan to get there by road. Most people go to Port Pilar to hire a boat and go fishing!

Port Pilar is the sport fishing capital of Siargao Island, where most of the fishing boats can be hired for a day of hunting tuna, marlin, sailfish and dorado, depending on the time of year. Being so close to the Philippine Trench – the second deepest ocean trench on the planet – the large pelagics pass by and feed, during their various migrations, offering sport to those with a passion for fighting the most powerful fish in the ocean with rod and line.

Each year, at the end of March or in early April, a sport fishing competition extracts scores of (mostly) sailfish from the edge of the reef. This is not catch and release fishing so the price of fish steaks in the market drops dramatically immediately following the competition.

Port Pilar is also home of the unusual tidal pools that make up the Magpupungko Lagoons and rock formations. The lagoons are formed where the ocean has broken through a hard sediment layer and scoured the softer layers beneath. At low tide you can swim in the warm water pools and observe myriad sea creatures that shelter there. The name Magpunpungko derives from vernacular and describes the very large rock that apparently sits precariously on top of a much smaller rock.

Inland from the Port itself is an extensive area of mangroves that host an abundance of avian residents and visitors. There may be endangered Philippine crocodiles here in the mangroves too but if it is the Philippine crocodile you seek then you will need to drive over to West side of Siargao Island, in the more extensive mangrove forests around Del Carmen.

If you are thinking of staying in Port Pilar and doing some serious sport fishing then you will find resorts a challenge; the town of Port Pilar has many friendly and clean home-stays to offer the visitor.

Driving a car to Port Pilar is definitely preferable to taking a motorcycle – car seats caress the buttocks in a way that a motorcycle seat simply fails.

Where To Stay In Siargao

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Siargao Island is blessed with some of the most attractive boutique resorts in the whole of the Philippines. From secluded villas on the beach to full-service resorts with all the amenities you may wish for in an island paradise. Siargao offers it all, and at a price that will probably surprise you.

Most of the best resorts are found along the East coast, facing the Pacific Ocean, and most of those are in the municipality of General Luna - close to the internationally acclaimed surfing spot known as Cloud 9. But, if you are looking for tranquility combined with spectacular ocean views, do not overlook Pacifico, Burgos and Santa Monica, farther North.

Car Rental Siargao has intimate knowledge of Siargao Island and can make recommendations, if you can give us an idea of your budget and requirements.

Things To Do In Siargao

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There are so many things to do in Siargao Island and most of them give you an experience unlike anywhere else.

One of the attractions of Siargao Island is the many foreign influences resulting from its exciting surfing and sport fishing opportunities. This has resulted in Siargao's fine selection of culinary experiences, many prepared by foreign chefs. For the best selection drive from the center of General Luna to Cloud 9 and along the way you may feast on seafoods, fruits and vegetables prepared in a hundred different ways.

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