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Pacifico siargao island

Pacifico Siargao Island

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Pacifico is another place where you will find surfers. The beach at Pacifico is protected by a barrier reef and features coarser white sand than around General Luna but, it has a surf break right out front that can be a little tame or a little exciting, depending on the storms out over the Pacific Ocean.

Some says that the break at Pacifico is superior to the famous Cloud 9 at General Luna. For sure, it is a little more challenging with the strong tidal flow along the beach that can take you past the break if you paddle straight out. In addition to surfing you can find kayaks for rent and even a sail boat or two at Pacifico.

Before the concrete road arrived, Pacifico was largely residential but now offers a number of beach resorts, mostly priced in the low to medium range. Many are not much more than houses converted into home-stays and the range of culinary adventures is somewhat limited.

Visiting or staying at Pacifico allows you to imbibe the essence of island living, Siargao style. Lazy days of doing not too much except watching the ocean and enjoying the company of friends and villagers. Pacifico is a tranquil, homely place that has not yet been changed by masses of tourists.

A drive to Pacifico to observe the surf or simply to enjoy the beach delivers a new facet of Siargao Island that not so many people ever see.

Where To Stay In Siargao

villa with Pacific Ocean view

Siargao Island is blessed with some of the most attractive boutique resorts in the whole of the Philippines. From secluded villas on the beach to full-service resorts with all the amenities you may wish for in an island paradise. Siargao offers it all, and at a price that will probably surprise you.

Most of the best resorts are found along the East coast, facing the Pacific Ocean, and most of those are in the municipality of General Luna - close to the internationally acclaimed surfing spot known as Cloud 9. But, if you are looking for tranquility combined with spectacular ocean views, do not overlook Pacifico, Burgos and Santa Monica, farther North.

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Things To Do In Siargao

seafood Siargao

There are so many things to do in Siargao Island and most of them give you an experience unlike anywhere else.

One of the attractions of Siargao Island is the many foreign influences resulting from its exciting surfing and sport fishing opportunities. This has resulted in Siargao's fine selection of culinary experiences, many prepared by foreign chefs. For the best selection drive from the center of General Luna to Cloud 9 and along the way you may feast on seafoods, fruits and vegetables prepared in a hundred different ways.

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